Easy. Effective. And engaging

Effective communication requires consistency. And consistencey pays, always. 
A newsletter helps you achieve it easily. Well conceived and well managed newsletter is a valuable way of sharing updates and enhancing image of any organisation.
Your newsletter helps you connect, engage and educate your target audience in a consistent manner.
But, newsletter development requires specific and multiple skills. At Aalekhan, developing and managing newsletters is one of our core competencies.
With over two decades of experience in  main-stream journalism, development communication and advertising, we have gained significant insights in developing and managing newsletters.

At Aalekhan, we have developed newsletters...

  • of 4 to 48 pages
  • in Gujarati, Hindi and English
  • for publishing on paper, web or CD
  • on diverse subjects like
    • Accounting
    • Agriculture and co-operation
    • Community management
    • Disaster mitigation
    • Ecology and environment
    • Energy and power distribution
    • Healthcare
    • Human resources development
    • Information technology
    • Urban management
    • Water and sanitation




We develop newsletters in Gujarati, Hindi and English; for print, web and cd.

  • himanshu@aalekhan.com
  • 076000 11808, 092272 51513
  • +91-79-4006 1512
B-401/402, Kaivalyadham-1, 
Opp. Radio Mirchi Tower,
Nr. Shyamal Crossroads, Satellite,
Ahmedabad-380015, Gujarat, India